Saturday, August 31, 2013

Paul Newman vs. The Demons

it's been too long.  I'm not too sure where the summer has gone... {oh, and go discover the avett brothers.  AMAZING!}

{hockey.  yep, it never ends!}


{cute belly at the lake}

{a great way to enjoy great music, and meet new people!}

 { shakey graves!}

{a trip to the country}

{cousin sleepovers}

{a new-to-us car}

{volunteering at the edmonton marathon}

{crazy car adventures on the highway...sheesh!}

{and today, this started.}

I've been back at school for two weeks already {kids start on tuesday!} and I've struggled to get back into a routine.  but I feel gross.  and bloated.  and just icky.  time to refocus and start the work again.  I have to be honest though, the summer hasn't been full of stupid eating.  just not at the level I know I can be at.  not all is awful, just needing another fresh start.  it's all good.  that said, it's been a journey this summer.  a journey to realize that even if I never lose another pound ever, that I can be okay in my skin.  I'm not totally "there" yet, but I'm getting there...

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