Friday, August 02, 2013

same old same old

I know, I know.  my blogging has been sporadic at best.  but I've been reading.  and going out with kids.  and getting my sun on.  and watching a crapload of tv.  I've been busy.  and my schedule is off.  we've been going to bed way too late and waking up way too late.  as much as I love sleeping in, it's august already people.  I need to get everything back on schedule.  oh, and I haven't done anything all summer, so I need to get at least one project done!  I feel like I've been hampered but the financial crisis that has been the summer of 2013 - we've poured almost $1500 into john's car then add the whole "cori getting pulled over by the cops" thing that happened this week; okay, so it's been a super expensive summer.  grrrr.  my project motivation has been low.  I'm rambling.  and maybe I'm having a little pity party.

so, I need a plan of attack.

1.  I need to start getting up a bit earlier.  I start back at work in two weeks.  and I read THIS today.  sigh.  I need to get my ass up out of bed earlier.  I think I'll start on monday!!

2.  hydration - must drink more water.  really, there's no explanation needed.  it means drinking less booze, I'm sure.  maybe I'll start this on on monday too.  ha!  never mind, I'll go get my water bottle right now.  I made another cup of coffee too.

3.  if you're looking for a book to read this summer, jack of diamonds by bryce courtenay is totally worth your time.  I may have been up until 2am finishing it last night.  it's a bit over the top, and not my favourite bryce courtenay book {that would be the power of one and jessica...tied for first place!}, but it's a great ending to a wonderful career.

4.  two weeks until I'm back at work.  and the next two weeks are pretty jammed packed.  folk fest {I'm volunteering this year!}, a trip to the north country {two nights with my bestie}, maybe more lake, john working on weekends instead of weekdays, hockey...well it's going to be busy.  so by the 15th, I'm getting my whole30 back on.

5.  I moved the pictures from my mom's camera to my computer.  so yes, you're being tormented with more vacation pictures!! {but these ones were not in my constant instagram feed while on vacay!}

 {I love this one of nate and minnie.}

 {wow, a family photo...and we're all looking at the camera!}

{the boys and I in line for something...maybe it's the boat ride at legoland?}

{neon in hollywoood}

{I think this is my favourite picture from the whole trip.  my dad and the boys.}

{the hunky hubs}

{the boys at the angels game}

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