Sunday, December 15, 2013

bridge over troubled waters

I had big plans to do a countdown to christmas based on the idea of joy.  choose joy to be exact.  you know, as in the tattoo I wear on my arm.  I've been learning over the past week is that a grateful, generous heart is a joy-filled heart.  this is a very loaded sentence.  one that I need to work on unpacking.  it's filled with truth and intensity and a way of living that I want to meet head on.

I have not been filled with joy in the last while.  I've been cranky.  quite horrible to be around.  and I'm hating on my bad attitude.  I wore my humbug t-shirt for #funshirtfriday {I'm trying to start something, people.  join me!!} and it's really how I feel.  sad but true.

well, I'm done.  I'm miserable because I'm choosing to be.  time to choose something different.  I've been wallowing in the busy that is my life for the last few months.  school has been ridiculously difficult.  I am tired.  I am weak.  I am worn.  and I'm done.  so, I'm going to end 2013 with a bang.

join with me.  choose joy.  blog about it, instagram it, tweet it, or don't talk about it at all.  but make a decision to be a mirror this season, reflecting the reason for why we celebrate christmas.  and I'm going to try blogging about it for the next 10 days!  join with me.  choose joy.  

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