Sunday, April 08, 2007

a bit more mush...then I'll stop!

okay, so I have the best husband EVAH! we've had sick kids this week - lots of stuff from both ends...ICKY! ty was tough because he's still so little, but that was over and done with mainly by friday. then saturday morning hits. yeah, nate gets it full force. grrr. seems like we're over the hump. this morning, I went to church with ty [nate stayed home with john]. well, when I got home, john had cleaned the house: vacuumed and washed floors, cleaned up all the toys, cleaned the bathroom. since his mom is coming over for easter dinner, I was feeling a bit stressed about the state of the house, especially since the sickness hit. but nope, all I get to do this afternoon is bake a chicken, mash some potatoes and make a triffle! it's all good [and nate seems to be on the mend...the puking has officially ended!].

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