Monday, April 16, 2007

some thoughts on a monday

I feel like I've been in a funk lately. a soul funk. like life is just too busy, too out of control, too intense. the weather hasn't helped either - this last weekend was the first nice one. so, I have to go back to the basics, yet again. I need to feed my soul. when I work to feed my soul, then I don't feed the need to shop and bigger yet, I don't feed the body. I need to just make the choice, and perhaps by just admitting it, I have made the choice. I choose to feed the right thing - my soul.

nate starts soccer in a couple of weeks. and john is the coach. we are not too sure how THAT happened, but I think he'll do okay [john, that is!!]. nate is so excited about playing; I just hope that he gets over his shyness and does okay with it.

and...I have decided to do a class. the card in the jar class with the simply scrappin' kits. they are super cool and super easy...and I think the finished product is cool!

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