Saturday, April 21, 2007

my boy

so john took nate this morning to get some soccer gear [u5 season starts the last week of april!]: cleats & shin pads. I have a feeling that nate will be sleeping with them on tonight. 'cause he LOVES his "shin boots"! he is such a funny kid. last night he came up to me with a post-it note with some "writing" on it [let's clarify: some letters that looked sorta like letters!]. he wants me to put the note on the front door because it tells people to go around to the back, "just like at connie's". I nearly peed myself laughing. he is really such a wonderful kid - smart, funny, stubborn beyond belief, handsome [I am SO biased!!]. and just so like his father. I wish I knew where my camera was, because I'd take a picture of him sitting by the fireplace: jeans pulled up, eskimo jersey, shiny blue shin pads, sports socks, and the makings of a great afro. it's all good.

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