Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I have to say that I like make & take night. it seems like [for the most part], the same girls come over to play...and it's nice just to sit and relax and create! tonight we did a schmozle of things...crayon resist [I borrowed felice's idea from her atc swap], a case from the su website and the funky trifold-y idea from scs! it was just a fun night, and for that I am thankful!

on another note, I had the first of three teeth pulled today. wow! that was way worse than I had anticipated. because the tooth had been "root canaled", there was all sorts of filler deep in the roots. yeah, FUN! usually the freezing is the rough part - not today; today, the actual work was the tough part! supposedly the next two are a piece of cake in comparison. that's what they ALL say!

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