Saturday, April 14, 2007

don't ya love it...

when you totally can't tell the difference between the words "truck" & "stuck"?

when someone thinks they can wake up mr. sun with all his talking outside?

when it is 15 degrees in Edmonton - nice enough to actually go for a walk?

when people offer to take your kids for the day [can't wait for tomorrow!!]?

when you have a good bottle of wine & a decent movie waiting?

and there is my "better-late-than-never" fave/fab five list for the week!
yeah ~ it's been a fun saturday! walked with rae this morning, walked to iga with nate this afternoon, hung out with the boys and now I should really consider getting some work done...stamping work, that is. is it really work then? mmmm. not too sure! john & I got the departed to watch tonight, since crappy tv reigns supreme on saturday nights. fun, fun, fun!

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