Monday, July 16, 2007

I am feeling pulled...

I have stamps to mount and cards to make [the market is on Saturday!!]...yet, I want to sit and chat about my trip, sharing all my stories and pictures! so, I will share a couple of pics, and a wee story, then get back to all my new things!!

okay, these pictures are the view from our room at the westin bonadventure. one of the pictures is of figueroa street, and the building [the shiny building with the hotel pool in front of it!] that our room faced is having a movie taped in the foyer this next week. they have made the inside to look like a bank [according to the lady "guarding" the door]. we walked by this building every day and kept noticing strange things - light scaffolding, port-a-potties, a guy watching dvd's in a car very late at night, pressure washing the street in front...stuff like that. so on sunday, we finally asked. I guess they are taping a new will smith movie [john hancock, she thought]. super cool, eh? erika has WAY better pictures than I do, so her blog will be the way to see all the details!
NOW, off to stamp!

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