Friday, July 27, 2007

treading on new territory!

so, if you know me at all, you know that I am not a scrapbooker. never have done the traditional 12x12 thing. I don't get it. the whole thematic, timeline of one's life. just never bought into it.

okay, but I have been itching towards trying something a little new. a scrapbook of a different sort. mine has a variety of page sizes. a variety of pages. no matching layouts. no two page spreads. just pages of pictures that I love. there is no order to my pages and [on the idea of a scrapbooker I love], I am throwing in some of nate's artwork - the good stuff!

regardless, here are the pages I've done this week. please, be kind! [oh, and I hate how I have to take pictures of my pages on an angle because the flash loves to reflect!]


Anonymous said...

hmmmmm....looks like scrapbooking to me, g!!! your pages are awesome!!! and who ever said scrapbooking had to be 12x12, thematic or a timeline????? scrapbooking reflects you...your style, your passion, your design. only you can determine the outcome and therefore there is no right or wrong. be a life artist!! my new fav phrase...check out my fav scrapbooker.... not only is she amazing, but she's from oregon too! it's where all the great artists are from, ya know.

Dawn said...

great pages, inspiring. i especially love the we are family page! take care, dawn g