Tuesday, July 10, 2007

little changes that make a difference.

I've been feeling really blah as of late. maybe it's the post-school busyness thing. maybe it's turning 35. maybe it's a combination. regardless, hair is cut off. some new shoes. a pedi. some new clothes. new skin care things. yoga. I feel a little energized by the little changes.

this week it's off to los angeles. a few things need to get done between now and then, but nothing unmanageable. I need to buy a new book. I need to do the laundry and stock the fridge for the boys, but other than that...well, everything else can wait. I am so super excited to spend some time with erika...and to see all the sights of downtown la!

I'll attach some pictures - some from our family bbq...all five grandchildren together! and some from the boys birthday party. all fun stuff!

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