Thursday, July 19, 2007

random, yet not!

erika got tagged, so I am then tagging myself...make sense? yeah, no. that's okay. if you check out her blog, then you will understand!!

7 random things about me:
1. I talk in my sleep.
2. I want to move to europe. no really, if we didn't have friends and family here, john & I would totally take the kids and move to england or holland.
3. I wish I liked to scrapbook. so perhaps, I will do more...venture out from behind the card making.
4. in high school, I did the grade 11 year book...the whole thing. photos, developing, layout. I had planned to be a photographer, then I lost my good camera and thought it was a sign. I should have pursued it further, or taken some courses. good thing I can still do that if I want.
5. drives me absolutely nuts that I can't shake 10lbs off...gotta just stop getting annoyed and just change some things. regardless, it is taunting me!
6. I am a procrastinator. why do today what I can do tomorrow!!!
7. I really miss not having access to a piano.

so, consider yourself tagged if you are reading this and want to play!

another LA pic - I am having a hard time finding pictures without erika & I had promised she could edit them!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you're such a good friend...saving me fromm unflattering views...ha!

just for that i tagged ya on my blog. you're ROCKIN'!