Wednesday, December 14, 2011

don't be cruel

december is a busy one.  holy dinah!  add a four day trip to vegas in there just didn't help.  needless to say, I had a good weekend home with the boys last weekend.  we baked cookies and decorated the tree. oh, and apologies if you follow me on twitter. there's a good chance you've seen most of these!

 {my favourite ornament.  it plays music!}

 {the boys and the tree}

 {me trying to re-live vegas; rum & coke in john's new hard rock glass}

 {ty lost his first tooth last night.  he just yanked that sucker out!}

 {I am totally as tired as I look}

{saw one of my former students in this production.  pretty cool!}

this up coming weekend/week are CRAZY.  staff xmas party, xmas concert at school, secret santa...oh, and I'd better wrap some gifts because I work until the 23rd and it's going to be slightly busy!!

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