Monday, December 26, 2011

I can't stop loving you

can I have a christmas re-do?  like with more sleep and less cranky kids?  I thought that teaching right up until the 23rd would be a good thing; in theory it is.  we kept the pre-christmas crazy to a minimum and routines totally in place.  and, being the genus we all know I am, I planned the school christmas concert for the 22nd.  once again, in theory it was a good idea.  you know, for all the teachers needing to rehearse.  not necessarily for the person doing all the planning - me.  I've been going non-stop for two weeks now.  so, I know that I post all of these pictures on twitter, but now, I'll tell the story of crazy with all of them!

 {dress rehearsal...they were so super cute!}

 {played the piano for the christmas eve service at church.  it was packed in there and the band was HOT.  I'm so lucky to play with such amazing musicians.}

 {then we went to john's mom's house for a christmas eve meal and to open gifts.  the boys got skateboards and new hockey jerseys.  and I FORCED them to watch "the sound of music"!  it was a lovely night, but a late one.}

 {john worked for 8hrs on christmas day, so we got the kids up at 6am to open stockings.  john left for work at 645 and the boys and I hung out and watched christmas movies.  once it got light out, the boys were outside with their new skateboards.}

 {we hosted christmas brunch this year.  my whole family came over.  we ate food.  we opened presents.  it was crazy and lovely all at the same time!  lego, hockey pads, hotwheel sets and nerf guns.  happy, happy boys!}

 {and then it all fell apart.  we went to my mom & dad's for dinner - just getting there was a hassle!!  kids were tired and so was the mom.  shocking, I know!  we got home and ty had a major meltdown over batteries.  I yelled.  he yelled.  nate cried.  john just stood there and shook his head.  I may have said that I hated christmas.  nate put his coat on and said he was going to run away to a place where they didn't celebrate christmas, since I had wrecked it.  ty was going ballistic, because he thought it was my fault that the stores were closed on christmas day.  I threw all the hockey equipment into the other room and threatened to throw it away.  one of my finest moments.  about twenty minutes later, they were both asleep.  and john and I built the boys new hockey net.  so not a great way to end the day, but I have learned that crazy busy for too many days in a row is just not good for me.  and my parenting skills.}

 {and this morning we all slept, woke up happy, said sorry to each other, gave and received hugs and kisses and then the boys dressed in their gear and hit the pavement for a while.}

 {and I pulled out real pucks, since we have a net now}

{and they played hockey.  on the driveway.  in their pjs.  and once again, all is well in their worlds.  and mine.}

and now it's time to take a shower, go buy some groceries {and batteries} and maybe go to toys r us.  they want to brave the crowds.  and apparently, I'm their driver!  

happy christmas, everyone.  and today - happy boxing day!!  

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