Saturday, December 31, 2011

I fought the law

call it what you want:  my year in review.  or top ten things I would scrapbook.  or the things I'm thankful for in twenty-eleven.

regardless, I've been hunting for pics to support this wee list!  and apparently I take a lot of pictures with my iphone!

it was a super, super long winter.  there was WAY too much snow, but I am grateful that our cars made it through.  the times we got stuck, it was always close to home.  and trust me, in a car the size of mine, that's a big deal!  john got a new job in february - very close to home.  we only had to deal with unemployment for about a month, which was a good, good thing.  on the flip side, we've had to learn how to deal with shift work.  okay.  I've had to learn how to deal with it!!

 and the spring was all about soccer.  which was interesting considering the change to john's work schedule.  there was lots of driving, lots of car pooling and lots of games.  I love being a soccer mom and watching my boys play!

 this year, nate finished grade two and started grade three.  and ty moved from kindergarten into grade one.  the picture above nate is of ty's feet.  he received an award at school last spring - for citizenship - and he was too embarrassed to get up in front of the whole school to receive it!  so he sat on my lap and his principal brought the award to him!  

 I spent most of the spring training for the edmonton entact marathon.  my mom, sister, dad and I all walked the half marathon.  my mom and I finished in 3:30.  and it was HOT.  I was happy with our time; for me, it was one of my better races.
I went to las vegas at the beginning of july.  it was a nice break from the crazy of the school year.

 john and I took the boys to osoyoos {bc} this summer for two weeks.  it was hot and we lived in the pool and at vineyards for two whole weeks.  it was relaxing and crazy and lovely.  we are blessed to be able to vacation there every couple of years.

 new tattoo in september.  story of why is here.

 the fall was super busy - as it usually is - ty in school full time, me taking on a new teaching assignment, and all the other general busy that the fall brings.  in there somewhere, I learned how to ride a longboard and instantly I was hooked.  I LOVE IT!  I need to buy a board in the spring.

 john and I went to vegas in december so that I could do half marathon number two!  two halves make a whole, right?  we also got most of our christmas shopping done.  yeah!

the bling from vegas!  it's HEAVY!

and then, since I'm now the music teacher, I was the boss of christmas concert at school.  and dispite all the stress and crazy that lead up to the night, my kids totally kicked it out of the park!

I have had a good year.  it was hard, busy, crazy and blessed.  and I need to do this more often, just so I remember the good.  the happy.  and why I'm thankful.  'cause I am.

happy new years, peeps.  I'll see you tomorrow on the flip side!

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