Tuesday, December 06, 2011

little less conversation

how hard is it?  

people confuse me.  not the people in my life; I like those ones.  but the general public?  THEY confuse me.  
I’ve learned something this week.  I am ordinary.  I’m good at a lot of things and equally awful at as many things.  my personal best is the only thing I can ever try topping.  I am my own competition.  yet, I am ordinary.  I just now think that “ordinary” is underrated.  everyone {okay, I know not everyone, but you know what I mean!!} in our western society believes they’re special.  just turn on the tv and watch any reality show out there.  everyone has talent, they can sing, dance and survive.  everyone is special.  and therefore our perspective is messed.  effed up.  it’s like being an ordinary human being is somehow a bad thing.  it’s not.  I know, because I’m ordinary.
I’ve realized that in everyone’s specialness, that general {ordinary?} decency is slowly eroding.  in the last four days, I’ve had nearly half a dozen people tell me how nice I am.  okay.  we all know that I am NOT “nice”.  I’m a smart ass.  I’m mouthy.  I can really be a bitch.  I am cranky and a bit rough around the edges.  so today, after getting a hug from the girl in the hard rock cafe store, I started thinking about this whole thing.  she told me I had made her day.  honestly, I was drunk and a bit chatty.  and maybe I laughed at the disaster area that came out of my purse when I was looking for a coupon.  I think I was just ordinary {an ordinary drunk, in this case!}.  and I’ve had this all week.  and no, it’s not just a cori-drinking-thing.  it’s saying hello to the clerk in the store.  it’s saying thank you to service people.  it’s holding a door open.  it's smiling.  it’s holding to all things canadian and just apologizing when you bump into people with your big-ass bag!!  apparently, what I consider ordinary, other people consider extraordinary.  this bothers me.
here’s the deal:  none of you are special.  not a single one of you.  you, like me, are good at lots of things and awful at lots of other things.  you’ve made mistakes.  poor choices.  and you’ve done spectacular things.  and yet, you’re not special.  like me, you’re completely ordinary.  
let’s reclaim the ordinary.  just be kind.  be good to others.  make someone’s day.

oh, and of course, some pictures of my ordinary {or extraordinary} weekend:

 {me this morning, heading out to get some coffee}

 {the start of the race...it was a LONG day!}

 {we love the old and tacky.  nothing beats the flamingo for both of those...!!}

 {john & I at hard rock cafe}

 {tribute to the killers...and las vegas}

 {close-up of the christmas tree at the venetian}

{the bling at the end of the race!}

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Frances said...

Love it!!! It's true, Western civilization has decided that being special is important. and if you are "special" you can also do whatever you want with little/consequences. We were having a similar discussion at dinner the other night, in terms of kids and their life goals, etc. How so many want to be famous, and yet for reasons so undeserving of fame.

I too am ordinary. Good at some things, rotten at many others. and most of the time i'm pretty nice. i've always been okay with that. Maybe i should view it as something to celebrate, rather than just accept.