Saturday, July 20, 2013

keep holding on

usually the summer is my prime blogging time.  I've been known to push out a post a day in past summers.  apparently I'm in "fall apart mode" this summer.  I think I have the post-vacation blues.

the boys have had swimming lessons this week {and next week as well!}, so I've had to be out of the house everyday.  that said, lessons aren't until 1145, so I've been able to sleep in until 10 every morning.  totally lazy.  my house is a mess.  ty's hair is a DISASTER area.  I've literally sat on my butt, drank a lot of coffee, watched a ton of tv and I've read 3 books already this summer.  either I'm the laziest person around or I rock.  okay, I've thought it over.  I'm going with the "I rock" category.

so, let me give you some book reviews.  THAT I can do!!

#1:  casino by nicholas pileggi

I bought this book for John after going to the mob museum for the first time last summer.  then I thought I should read it before going back to the museum.  well, I read 80% of it before going back and wow, did a lot of things make sense.  I need to watch the movie now, just because I'm curious how much they changed events for the movie.  however, the book in it's own right, was really well written.  and seriously FULL of interesting information.  I'm not usually a true crime kind of girl, but pileggi is a really good story teller.  which leads to book #2...

#2: wise guy by nicholas pileggi

I bought this at the end of my second trip to the mob museum.  and good thing, since we were stuck in the las vegas airport for a kazillion hours.  if you at all like mob history, this book is worth your time.  it's darn good!  and no, I haven't seen goodfellas...yet.  if you have, then you know the story of henry hill.  I was clueless.  sigh.  now another movie to watch.  ha!

#3: the eyre affair by jasper fforde

okay, so it took me awhile to get into this book.  it's a bit of a sci-fi book, with a literary/geek twist.  the really great thing about this book {and hopefully the follow up books}, is the heroine, thursday next.  she makes this book.  I have the next two or three books in the series, but I have a couple of other books I need to read before I get to them.  now that I get that the whole thing takes place in an alternative reality, I'm thinking they'll be an easier read!

#4: jack of diamonds by bryce courtenay

this is my next book...I'll let you know how it goes.  I'm super excited about this book for a couple of reasons.  bryce courtenay has always been my favourite author, and this is his last book.  he passed away last fall and so I've been saving this one so I can really take some time with it.  does that make sense?

okay, so I need more coffee.  I think it's a perfect time to start a new book...

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