Thursday, January 01, 2015


this year.  these words.

I know one thing to be true.  I cannot be grateful and anxious/stressed at the same time.  I mean I can, but it sure doesn't work very well.  if I'm living out gratitude on a daily basis, I am hoping that my stress over all the little things will start to decrease.  and then I want generosity to pour out of the gratitude.  I need it to.  and I need it to permeate my kids lives as well.  I'm pretty sure I've turned into a stressed out, complaining-all-the-time, miserable person in the last twelve months.  I don't like it.  so it's going to change.  right now.

and so I created a gratitude jar.  I want to fill it with all the little things.  the things that usually I pass over.  the things that really, when you add them up, are the moments that matter.

who do you want to become in 2015?

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Ryan Eller said...

I love the Gratitude jar idea. I am going to start one at my house too!