Sunday, January 04, 2015

spirit in the sky

so it's back-to-work-after-two-weeks-off eve.  tomorrow we're all back at it, after two of the most restful weeks I've had in a long time.  

I've been thinking about why this has been and a couple of things come to mind.  first, we had no sports for 14 days.  I love watching my boys play in their respective sports, but honestly, it's a time sucker-upper.  take this afternoon for example.  a thirty minute drive to the rink to be there an hour before the game, an hour for the game and then 15-20 minutes post game {debrief and undress} and then thirty minutes back home.  over three hours.  knock a half hour off of soccer games.  and then most weekends have one or two of each sport.  no sports - no games or practices - was sweet bliss.

then, I've been really intentional with my rest.  a lot of nothingness.  sitting.  reading a novel.  watching tv.  going to the rink with the boys.  {okay, that's not nothing, but it's just plain fun!}

and maybe the most importantly, I've totally neglected work.  I've not checked my email.  I've not done any professional reading.  I've not even thought about school.  I used to be really, really good at this and lately I've not been.  this is a lesson I needed.  

taking care of myself is more than just buying a new pair of shoes.  it's being intentional and permissive.  giving myself permission to turn it all off and just rest.  be with my kids and my husband.  

I love, LOVE my job, but if I don't learn this now, it will consume me.  it will be my end and my joy for the work I am so privileged to do, will be gone.  and that will devastate me.  so alas, I actually learned something this lovely Christmas break.  and for that, I'm grateful.

so gratitude jar by my bed.  using all my fitness apps {yay mfp and waterlogged}.  lunches all packed.  boys falling asleep on the couch.  it's time to get my hustle on tomorrow, after a good night's sleep!!

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LAC said...

You are spot on with the taking care of yourself! I need to do this more often. Your two weeks sound blissful indeed.

Found you by stalking comments on Karen Russell's posts, hoping to find new blogs to follow and enjoy this year.

Loving yours so far! :) Happy New Year.