Thursday, January 08, 2015

wildest dreams

don't judge me.  'cause the 19 year old, wearing all black, doc marten lovin' me is sure passing judgement.  taylor swift's 1989 has been making the rounds on my play list lately.

week one back at work is almost done.  it's been pretty productive over all, but I couldn't figure out why I was so tired!  I've been eating right {day 7 of my whole30!}, drinking a crap load of water, getting to bed at a decent hour... then I did some research tonight.  apparently day 6 and 7 are the days where your body wants SLEEP.  who knew.

so this is what I've been thinking about this week and a question that I can't seem to find an answer to.  why is it that for me, starting is the hardest thing ever?  I suck in the motivation part, but once I get into some forward motion, the momentum can start to carry me.  funny.  I hadn't even planned to write about my whole adventure in eating good food tonight, but I guess that the path I'm going down.  except maybe that was all I had to say.  ha!  squirrel!

a couple of gratitude things that have surfaced in this week:
1.  ty's had a pretty solid sleeping week.  not a ton of attitude and he's been pleasant to be around.
2.  it's payday tomorrow.  our post-christmas budget sucks!
3.  I started a bit of a project at work this week and I was worried that there may be some negative reactions from students and parents.  I had a thank-you call this afternoon.
4.  I've been able to turn off work mode when I'm not at work.  this required breaking up with my work email on my phone.  it's broken and I'm not going to fix it.
5.  I found some solitude within the busy this week.  we had something every night this week and on tuesday, I sat in an empty hockey dressing room for almost 45 minutes.  alone.  by. my. self.  sometimes I need to just look for places to rest within the busy.

gratitude is more than just being grateful for my great life, but living out in a way that is contrary to my usual complaining.  does that make sense?

sorry.  I post that was ALL OVER THE PLACE tonight.  it's late.  the kid laying beside me is having problems falling asleep.  I'm exhausted.  day 8 tomorrow.  I wonder what that will hold?

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