Wednesday, January 28, 2015

broken crown

how is it the end of January already?  it's been a bit hectic.  hockey, soccer, ski club, work, repeat.  its hectic, but it's a good life.  and in a month that could define a year, gratitude is my hustle.  I cannot complain.

that said, it's almost the end of January.  did I tell you all that I joined a diet bet at the start of January?  $35 of sheer dietary motivation.  I lost the first 8 or 9lbs really fast {damn post-christmas booze bloat!}, and then it's slowed down.  I was down 11lbs last monday, then the trip to medicine hat happened.  hockey tournaments rock and are awful at the same time!  this morning I was up 2.  and it's weigh in day tomorrow.  I totally feel like my body is going to let me down!  I've been super vigilant today, and drinking a ton of water, but THIS SUCKS!!!!  I was a winner.  now there's a threat of being a loser.  HA!

okay, so the bigger picture here, steady work on my weight.  on-going motivation.  eating food that loves me and is healing my body, not tearing it apart.  and 9lbs isn't anything to be ashamed about.  that's the size of most people's babies.  not awful, right?

so, I'm going to drink my water, stop with eating salt and pray to God that my body likes me tomorrow.

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