Saturday, May 20, 2006

7k & hockey tape

so I did 7k this morning with my mom & my aunt...they went a little longer than I did, but for some reason my stomach has been giving me grief. last night I was buckled over in pain. today, I just constantly have the feeling like I could throw up. and no, I am not pregnant ['cause I know that's what everyone is thinking!].

I am having a hard time lowering my caloric intake to 1550 calories. I am hungry in the evenings without a lot of room to budge. I did a different calculation today and it put my high end more at 1650. I know 100 calories won't make all the difference in the world, but maybe it's the psychological allowance that I need. I am making a lot of changes, but the scale isn't budging. grrr. erika and I are going to talk today and make a plan. speaking of which - I am hungry!

and now I am off in search for some hockey tape - a project I am working on!!

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