Monday, May 15, 2006

I feel good!

well, a really great weekend!

John treated me to a day off on Saturday - he took the boys to his mom's for the day and I hung out ALL BY MYSELF!!! although I LOVE my boys, I needed a day just to clean the house, go for coffee, watch ER, take a nap and just spend time alone.

ty is officially done the boob...I have mixed feelings about it though. I miss my "ty time", but I am glad he is taking the bottle, as he's not been getting the nutrition that he should be getting. it's one less stress in my day as well. this, more than anything, has the biggest impact on how I nourish my body. starting today, I am cutting my calories from 1800 to 1500 per day. that is a HUGE difference for me. I am really logging all my food closely, as I adjust to this change. I am hoping that this kick starts my body into losing some real weight, as it is no longer providing nourishment for a whole other person. also, I walked yesterday - 3k & I am going to attempt a 9k tonight. I need to make me & my health a priority. I need to honour my body with what I put in it. plus, I think erika is KICKING my butt and I need catch up!!

also, I bought the Joyce Myers book this weekend - I am going to read chapter 1 tonight.

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