Saturday, May 27, 2006

the last 24 hours

well, the last 24 hours have been interesting, to say the least...stressful would be the better term. both john and I have strep throat. at about 130am on friday morning, ty woke up with a fever [something he was already enjoying for 12 hrs or so] and I noticed a lump on the side of his neck. john & I called health link and talked to a nurse there...she told us of some things to look for, and that we needed to take ty to the drs in the next 24 hrs. first thing friday morning [john & I were both home because of the strep], I called my drs office - they were plum full, but would call me if a cancellation came up. john and I decided that if they didn't call before noon, we would just take ty to see the dr at the medi center.

so, at noon [my mom had picked up nate] we tromped over to the medi center. 2.5 hrs later we were seen by a doctor [grrr! I HATE WAITING!!!] who promptly sent us to the emergency room at the sturgeon. they took one look at ty, his lump & his fever and called the stollery. they gave him an iv, took some blood and started him on iv antibiotics. and then we waited some more. at 6pm, an ambulance came and took ty & I to the university hospital.

to make a long story a tad shorter, he has a swollen gland in his neck - quite common for children as their immune systems are not used to dealing with different types of bacteria [like strep]; the glands overreact, then swell. they put ty on out-patient status and gave him another dose of antibiotics. we were back there at 1am for more and this morning we are heading there again. this morning, they are also going to ultrasound the gland. if it has abscessed, we are dealing with surgery. if it has not, then the antibiotics should do the trick.

regardless, keep us [and more specifically ty] in your prayers. I will post later when I know more.

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