Sunday, May 21, 2006

if I could do it yesterday...[and other crazy things!]

well [how many posts have I started with that word?? first person to guess correctly wins a prize!!], I stayed below 1550 calories yesterday - and didn't feel hungry. I also had my last snack before 8pm. not bad, all things considered!

and because I like setting mini goals, these are mine for the week:
1. stop eating after 7:30 - if I feel like I am dying of starvation, I will only eat fruits or veggies.
2. drink all 3L of water - when I drink this amount, I feel better.
3. start eating oatmeal for breakfast again...this might be tough, but I am going to try!
4. accountability with erika!

oh, and some new pics of ty [who, by the way, is standing alone!!] to follow in my next post!

1 comment:

susan santos said...

Accountability with Erika?? Whatever happened to Susan?? Whatever! I see you've moved on with accountability partners!! I am hurt!

I am kidding...accountability with anyone is great.

Keep up the good work Cor!