Saturday, July 12, 2008


the boys slept in this morning. I actually had opportunity to run to second cup & cobs to pick up coffee and cinnamon buns with the boys not even realizing that I was gone!

this morning I am going to take them to the market [after I dye my hair...'cause I am feeling old!], as is our usual saturday morning routine. it is suppose to be a beautiful day and I would love to be outdoors, since yesterday I hunkered down and cleaned up my stamp room. after my lovely conversation with the ups guy ["oh, mrs. fraser, nice to see you again" - he only sees me in the summer...the rest of the year he leaves boxes on my step!], I opened my pre-order of new SU! stuff and promised myself that if I cleaned my whole stamp room, I would play. alas, it worked! I cleaned. I played. I am slowly making my way through the house!

I actually wanted to pop on here becuase through some blog-surfing, I found this site and it is now bookmarked: lisa I originally went to it because of the BEAUTIFUL jewlery, but then I was captured by her story. in combination with other things I have been thinking about, I am formulating a plan for next school year. I am very scattered about it right now, and when I can really get my act together, I will share. but it has to do with hope, perserverence and resiliancy. anyways, enjoy her blog if you make it over there!

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Anonymous said...

isn't her stuff amazing!! i've had her bookmarked for over a year now and i've finally set a goal with the final reward being new stuff from her! talk about inspiration.