Friday, July 11, 2008

things I like, things I don't like

okay, so my computer decided to be stupid this morning...or maybe it's just blogger, either way, I'm re-typing!

okay, so on the morning of the boys party, some coffee mysteriously spilled on my camera. as a result, it would take pictures [still does!] but the pictures won't transfer off the memory card onto the computer because the "ok" button is crusted with dry coffee. so I decided to get a new camera...a cheap-o olympus thing. not too sure if I am loving yet [because nothing will ever be as good as the old one!] and there are a bunch of settings that really seem to make a difference in the quality of picture. regardless...I have 14 days to try it out and if I really don't like it, I can return it.

I had a pretty good birthday on wednesday. I'm not really liking the fact that I am 36, but I am liking the gift john & the boys gave me [I just need to put some pictures in it!]. I also got some earrings and another charm/thingy for my necklace! john also picked up a cake for me...turtle cheesecake...mmmmm!

I also got to spend the day with my mom. we went to ikea, then for lunch, then some other shoppping. a really nice day...until I got home. and decided to build the bunkbed I had bought for the boys. yeah. good idea, cor. LOL oh well, it's built. the kids love it. after all that was done, sarah watched the boys and john & I went and grabbed some sandwiches from jeffery's. a good day.

okay, blogger/mozilla/my computer - DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!

on another note, I've been cleaning! now, really, I don't like cleaning. yeah, not my favorite activity at all. however, I do love to purge. hehehe! my clothes got the brunt of that last night. I now have a nicely colour-coded closet, once again! part of this is because I've been setting up a bit of a guest room downstairs, now that steph has moved out. regardless, lots of up and down the stairs, lovely considering the state of my quads [have I mentioned boot camp from tuesday night? lovely!].

okay, I'm quitting. new post to try again with...other [stamping] things!

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