Monday, July 14, 2008

new, new, new!

was out & about today...picked up a few things:

1. new glasses [and another year's supply on my contacts...thank God for good vision benefits]. my old glasses had the wrong prescription in them [they were 2 years old] and I was wearing my contacts a bit too much. I'll see if I can manage a picture of me with them on [it's been a rough hair day, so the picture may have to wait until tomorrow].

2. a new filter & bag for the shop-vac. yeah, it just wasn't sucking like it should. now it sucks big time and john is vacuuming the basement as I type! oh, and I paid for a third of the $30 cost with canadian tire money. it's all good!

3. a new blank notebook/journal/sketch book. it didn't cost much, but I thought I needed a book for SLC - when I travel, I like to have a place for all my information and maps [since customs always asks for detailed info!!]. this should do the trick!

4. a grande light caramel frappichino. at a mere 160 calories, a nice summer treat!

5. pizza sauce. I had purchased a frozen homemade pizza crust at the market this weekend [yeah, I know, I could have made it myself...but I'm just plain lazy!] and decided to make it tonight. I piled it on with all sorts of veggies, topped it with skim-milk mozza and YUMM-O! a healthy-ish version of one of my favorite meals!

6. a-not-so-new-but-now-looked-at-closely garden distaster. seriously, what was I thinking???? I will add these pics, mainly because I don't even know what is wrong, let alone how to fix it! this first pic would be the snow peas...they lean to the left for some strange reason. the second is of my pumpkin plants - something/someone is eating them, or infecting them...I WISH I KNEW HOW TO HELP THEM!!! I am very tempted to call stan thompson's radio show on sunday morning to figure it all out!

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