Saturday, July 26, 2008


okay, so I grew something [not too sure where the pics will appear, but you will know them!]. AND, I leave for SLC tomorrow morning. I don't think I told the delay in denver story [stop reading if I did!]: I was suppose to have a wee delay in denver on my way to slc, as in a couple of hours. nothing super major. I got a call from the areopoints people a while ago informing me of my flight change. instead of leaving edmonton at 915 am, I was now leaving at 645 am. needless to say my wee layover was now a 6 hour layover [my denver to slc flight got changed to a later time as well]. so it occurred to me that maybe I could find someone in denver to see...MY FRIEND JOANNE!! yeah, she doesn't live so far away. in the denver vicinity. so she is going to meet me at the airport and we are going to find some food. YAHOO! so I went to kindergarten with joanne and we went to school together until grade 7, I think. then her family moved stateside and we've kept in contact ever since. last time I saw her was when she lived in tucson...and I totally can't remember how many years ago that was! regardless, I am THRILLED about this and am so glad that my flights got changed.

AND, by this time tomorrow, I'll be hanging out with erika. life is good.

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