Saturday, July 05, 2008

holy crazy week, batman!

okay, why does time fly when your having fun? no kidding, eh?!

this first week off has been crazy [and uber hot, so keep that in mind...all of this is in 30+ degree heat!]...I'll give you the play-by-play! [I like lists, this works for me!]

monday - home with the boys...we go and pick up all the party supplies: costco, save-on, michaels. make party favours, decorate, bake a cake, watch friday night lights with john.

tuesday [aka party day] - nate wakes up at 730 or so and wants to decorate the came out pretty well, overall! the boys and I finish setting up for the party. 17 or 18 small children invade our house between the hours of 1130 and 130. hotdogs, cake, ice cream, water [as per the prior posts!]. there are also, at any given time, 10-15 adults [because my family comes to everything...and hey, if I can only have a crazy-busy house for one day, it's all good]. by 300, everyone was gone. clean up & unpackage all gifts ['cause I tell ya - if we want to save the earth, we should start by reducing the amount of stupid packaging on kids toys. STUPID!]. make dinner. do laundry. pack for the lake.

wednesday - pack up everything else for the lake. go to start the car...yeah, it's dead. grrr. THANK GOD that steph was home and able to boost me! some stops on the way [not enough stops though, since I forgot hamburger buns and wine!]. and then we're off! okay - our time at the lake was SO MUCH FUN! the boys loved being out there - swimming, tubing, jumping on the trampoline, and just getting all that fresh air!

thursday - hang out at the lake until about noon, then head back into town with the boys. okay, so at this point I needed to go to southgate to meet jenn to pick up football tickets. in my lovely little mind, I thought that taking yellowhead to the henday to 111th street would be the best. yeah. didn't realize the magnitude of the construction. holy moly. a 10 minute trip took me 30+ minutes. regardless, got the tickets and made it home. did some laundry then packed the kids back up and we took them to john's mom's house. [okay, I'm tired just thinking about thursday.] we dropped them off their for the night and met friends at the lrt station to go to the football game...GO ESKS!! we won, but we didn't get home from the game until after midnight. I am not loving the whole thursday-8 o'clock-start-schedule thingy that the esks are doing this year.

friday - head to the hospital to meet susan's wee baby [isabelle grace...a beautiful name for a very beautiful baby!!] and to have a visit with suz. then to the mall for some breakfast and to make sure that aud doesn't buy more than one bag at the coach store!! from the mall to john's mom's house to pick up the boys [they had a great night at grandma's house!!] then to my mom's to eat lunch [courtusy of BK]...AND THEN to the st albert splash park to meet up with coralee & pauline. then home, then dinner, then more fnl!!

saturday - move day for steph. the boys and I went to the city market this morning, just to get out of dodge. then for a coffee @ starbucks.

no wonder I am so sunburned and so tired. I will post pictures soon [there are a bunch on my facebook, but I'll throw some on here too! a good week, for my first week off...

and I'm thinking about signing up for a boot-camp on tuesday nights this summer...mmmmm.

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