Tuesday, July 01, 2008

happy canada day!

well, we did okay with the party! better than okay - the weather was WONDERFUL, the kids well behaved, the hot dogs were well cooked...all good. although I didn't really get to do the "hang out" thing with my friends, it really was a good, good day.

so, at 9pm on a tuesday night, I am exhausted. and thankful. and instead of sitting here whining about what I don't have, I am just going to go have a moment of thankfulness. good friends, family, food to share, water to play in. for these things I am so grateful. and on that note, I am also very thankful that susan gets to birth a baby tomorrow...[and no, not just thankful that it's her and not me!], but just glad that a new wee baby gets to make an entrance...it's always a miracle.

now, I am going to see if my husband will come and sit outside with me...

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