Friday, January 01, 2010


so, whatcha up to today? me, nothing. seriously. I am waiting for the boys to clear out, then I will wash the floors, and put GLEE on - and then clean my craft space. my dear husband is taking the boys to his mom's house for the morning. he'll be gone for most of the day. I love him.

let's see if I can manage a top 10 of sorts this morning:
the top 10 happy moments of 2009...[okay, and my order is out of order because I am writing them as I think of them!]

10. nate reading books to his brother
9. wednesday night exercise and tv watching with connie
8. wednesday "off-campus" lunches
7. trip to vegas
6. trip to osoyoos
5. vancouver half marathon
4. kelowna half marathon
3. trip to ottawa
2. hitting my 10% mark
1. coffee - seriously. with my mom. with my sister. with my friends. every morning. with john. at home. at starbucks. at school.

okay, so as suspected, there were a lot more as I started writing. christmas parties, birthday parties, canada day parties. a good, good year.

what are your top 10 happy moments?

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