Sunday, January 03, 2010

proud mary

wow. I'm speechless. [only because I can't really think of anything to write about, not because I am shocked or anything!]

so I'm going to share some pics of some of the creating I did during the glee-o-rama of 2010. that and a picture of the stack of chipboard I cut for club! these are taken with my iPhone in poor lighting, so they are mediocre at best. all supplies are stampin' up! [except the giant paper clip - the lovely felt flower is SU!, the clip is not]. oh, and got the new year's card idea from someone else - totally NOT my original thought. not even remotely.

everything else [card wise] was me trying to use up supplies that I had cut for club, classes, etc. I had paper cut, just wanted to use it all up!

school starts again tomorrow - as odd as it sounds, I am happy to be going back.
have a great monday!

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allycupe said...

I love your skills man. I really wish I could do this but in all honesty it's just one more thing that I would end up being obsessed about....can you say knitting, yoga, get the idea.