Thursday, January 28, 2010


things that make me happy:

1. sitting at my computer at school in the morning and cranking my music.
2. having my morning coffee with said music blaring.
3. silence in the evening when the kids are in bed.
4. that God answers prayers.
5. that we are so darn close to closing this house deal - this time next week!
6. that apple named the new geek toy an iPad. seriously, apple. now I don't want one. it will be kinda uncool to pull my pad out of my purse. thank you for saving me a ton of money, apple. thank you.
7. friends that understand why I don't always call - and they're okay with it.
8. too tired to think of a #8 and since 7 8 9 [seven ate nine? haha!], we never get to 10. yeah. too tired.

good night, kids. talk atcha tomorrow!

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