Saturday, January 02, 2010

defying gravity

what's your word? seems to me that susan & I did this last year. need to go check...

holy freaky batman. so, in order to find THIS post, I also found these two posts: jan 1/09 and jan 2/09. turns out last year, I spent ALL of new years day in my pj's [last year I was sick, this year no excuse except a GLEE marathon of happiness and song]. I also made the exact same thing for breakfast last year. wow. I'm strangely predictable.

anyways, back to the word. last year, my word was LIFE - and it was about choosing life. did I accomplish this on any level? maybe yes, maybe no. perhaps it should be sometimes yes and sometimes no. maybe in fact, more yes than no. I'd be curious to poll the people in my life and see what they think. they may totally disagree!

so, do I pick the same word? to I aim for the same kind of life? in a lack of complete accomplishment, I feel inclined to keep the same. in not really wanting to live in the past, perhaps I pick something else. something that is kinda like the next step forward. I am leaning towards the word "inspire". it takes me beyond myself and maybe encourages me to inspire goodness and life in others. is that to lofty? not sure. it would definitely require changes in my own attitude and behaviours [like my trucker mouth!]. guess I've kinda decided.


what word will you choose to define your year - what will set your tone? your philosophy? your mission? your vision?

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