Thursday, April 16, 2009

badda bing, badda bang

you heard me right. I am literally working my ass off. hehehe! so yvonne & I did the stairs in the river valley yesterday - THREE TIMES. yeah I was sucking wind BIG TIME the first time up. then we walked a bit and did it again. that wasn't happy either. then we did a longer walk - down and around the path and over the river and back and then back up again! the third time back up wasn't so bad. coming down is awful, but that's because I need to look at where I step and then I see the ground underneath, far underneath! not pretty. but, I did it and we're going again tomorrow after school to do it again! yippie! tonight I walked to starbucks and back - a whoppin' 5k. and that, my friends, is why I hurt!

and now for some easter love - easter pics of my sweet boys!!!

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