Saturday, April 18, 2009

a little bit less of me

well, this was a pay off week. not a huge loss, but 1.2 lbs down for a total loss of 16.2. I haven't had a loss week of over a pound since march 7th. that's well over a month. and over a month of intense frustration on my part. alas, I feel like I've turned a bit of a corner. could be that regardless of the scale, I know that all the exercise/training I'm doing is paying off. I did the stairs in the river valley twice this week with yvonne and I walked 16k this morning with my mom & rae. in two weeks we will be in vancouver, shopping and carb-ing up for the big race!! eeekkk! that's just crazy! then they [mom & rae] are talking about beginning to train for the edmonton marathon. we'll see. [we may be on vacation that week!] regardless, these last few weeks have taught me something new about myself: I can manage a stall. I can work through the pain and the tough plateaus and I can keep going. and, I can like exercise. at the 12k mark I wasn't liking it very much, but overall, my body craves it. I really hope that I have turned a new page in the book of my life.

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