Saturday, April 11, 2009

life in the fast lane

going back to school after spring break for a 4-day week is always brutal!

however, it really has been a lovely weekend. thursday night I went for a walk [a FAST walk!] at the y and then to church for a couple of hours of music practice. friday morning we took the boys to church for the good friday service, went for a long walk with my mom & rae [9.5k], cleaned the house, did laundry, bought a few groceries, then had friends over to watch the season finale of friday night lights. a nice evening [even though I wasn't too happy with how it ended...!].

this morning I went to weight watchers and surprise, surprise, I was up .2 lbs. still at a total of -15, but this hovering is driving me NUTS! I talked to the meeting leader today about what I can do, and I have a few ideas. I'll let you know how it goes! when I got home, the boys and I painted some easter eggs. pretty low key egg fun! they are expecting me to hide eggs for tomorrow morning. grrr. this afternoon, I took the boys over to susan's house. the boys literally played for 3 hours. other than a slight mishap with some bubbles, we did not really hear from them the entire time! susan, alyssa & I played with some stampin' stuff. alyssa had stuff that I don't have and I brought some stuff for her to play with, so overall, a productive afternoon! when I got home with the kids, John took the kids to his mom's and I went for a 5k walk. my feet hurt. in three weeks, we'll be in vancouver prepping for the real deal, so we're on the tail end of it. PHEW.

okay, so I suppose you didn't need a total recap of my life. it really is rather boring. I had something else interesting to say, but once again, my brain isn't registering. LOL

have a wonderful easter...

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