Friday, April 03, 2009

days four and five

ahhhh. it's almost over and I have succeeded in not working and I feel rather rested. I had big plans to go into school, but that hasn't happened yet. maybe tomorrow.

okay, so I've had a strange occurrence. rumor had it that this could happen, but honestly, I though those people were nuts. totally crazy. so, as you know, I have been on a forced exercise regiment this week. since saturday I have logged 26k on my shoes this week. and I was planning to take today off - only, the strangest thing happened. I want to exercise today. I don't hurt today and I really want to exercise. I am craving it. how absolutely bizarre. so how will I solve this problem? well, I'll go to the y tonight and work out. and they open at 7am tomorrow, so I've been plotting how I can get up early and go before weight watchers. EEEEKKKK. all I can say is that all of this work had better pay off on the ol' scale tomorrow. grrrr.

off to finish watching tv with john - he 's not really watching, but who cares. LOL as long as his snoring doesn't get in the way, I really don't mind! [yes, he's home this afternoon!]

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Paulette said...

What a strange phenomenon this craving of exercise is! You're so on your way! Good for you for having such a great week - hope the scale shows you some love this week!