Wednesday, April 01, 2009

day three

I have officially logged in 4.5 hours of exercise this week [since saturday] and this 36 year old body is TIRED! I signed up for a two week trial session at the y today, so at least I have a place to walk while the snow is finding a home down the drains. my mom & I did 8k today, with a break half way through to do some serious stretching. tomorrow I am planning to go back and do a 30 minute session on the treadmill for some incline work. then friday is rest day. and some time this weekend I am going to have to do 10k. next week won't allow me to do this pace/amount every day, but I should be able to go to class [the same one I was at yesterday] on monday & wednesday and then my scheduled walks on tuesday, thursday and the weekend.

the thing I am struggling with is the whole points counting for activity. according to ww, I am not doing intensive exercise, but I know that I am definitely doing harder than moderate. today, I counted activity points half way between. BUT, then do I have to eat all 10 points? because I did, but not with heathy choices - that would have taken me forever! the 7 point cinnamon bun and the 4 point bag of easter chocolates was sure the easier way to go. however, then what's the point of exercising if it's just giving me permission to eat crap? so today I did it a bit differently. I counted the exercise as just 4 points, ate my extra 4 points and all the extras got counted in with my extra 35 point allowance [that I hardly ever use up]. is this wrong? I am SOOOOOO confused! I mean, I am still counting most everything and I am still exercising and I am still drinking a crumb load of water, so really, maybe I am doing it right? do I want to eat all those extra points? yup. however, I really want to eat them in junk food, not healthy food and then that's not quite as good.

okay, officially rambling. if anyone has an answer, let me know!

otherwise, my very sore arse & I are going to bed.

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Paulette said...

Sorry, Cori - I don't have an answer to your points dilemma. Just wanted to let you know that you're doing so great with all this exercise! You go, girl!!