Monday, April 20, 2009

where were you tonight?

really, my blog should get a re-title: how cori likes to brag about her exercise. LOL it will subside, soon. okay, maybe not. but at least I'm not little-miss-hot-yoga. [HI ALLISON!!!] well, I guess if I could manage to string together 40 days of hot yoga and look like allison 2 weeks before my 40th birthday, I wouldn't be complaining at all.

enough about her. this is MY blog after all! so I braved the crazy drive down the block and went to lesley's class tonight. HOLY SMOKES. we did a considerable amount of upper body work. and abs. and lunges. mmmmm. I *heart* lunges. [okay, love is a strong word. I have come to sorta enjoy the first one.] and more importantly, we did far too many planks. damn plank. regardless, it will all lead to a little, tight body in a couple of decades or so [at the rate this body wants to drop fat].

AND, I've decided that I have a wee crush on my new mac [computer, not makeup] guy. he's cute. he's funny. and he's paid to spend an hour with me every couple of weeks. UNDIVIDED attention, with no kids in sight. and he laughs at my jokes [maybe he's paid to do that too!]. it's all good. I tell ya. george may have some competition. I don't get the impression that george will mind.

okay, so now I am rambling. I should post a picture. maybe it will be a random photo booth pic!!



Paulette said...

Cori - your efforts are amazing! You will see big, big losses soon! All this exercise will pay off! Good for you for all you're doing. Best of luck with the remaining training and in the race!

Anonymous said...

You know what would make your exercise routine yoga!~