Friday, July 03, 2009

holy bagina

okay, so I know you are all looking at my title saying "bag-ina" and thinking "HUH????". think no further. it rhymes with vagina. it's ty's new phrase - mainly because I say "holy dinah" a lot. he thinks it's funny. he's right. I have no good reason for using that as my title either - just feeling funny. LOL

so it's friday night. you'd think sitting down that I'd have something to blog about. as I sit here, nothing is coming to me. my life is rather dull when on summer vacation. no busy things. no real stress. so, I think I am going to invent some. for real.

I am going to invent for myself a 30 day challenge. kinda like a birthday-ish lent. no sunday's off. no easter at the end. no 40 days. just 30 days. it's my birthday in less that a week and at this time of year I begin to feel my age, just a bit. yes, I will be 37. THAT FREAKS ME OUT! funny enough though, a friend of mine said to me a couple of weeks ago - and perhaps as a put-down that I took as a complement - that I really like a 15 yr old in an adult body. he had a point. I don't really act my age, mainly because what does an almost [okay, like in 3 years] 40 year old act like??? and if you use icky words like: stuffy, matronly, grey, wrinkled, menopausal - I will scream in your face. let's be honest. I may have a few grey hairs lingering beneath all the dye jobs and I just may have some wrinkles because I kinda like to laugh and I may just be someone's mother, I am not really that old. yet. nor will I ever be. especially if stuffy is part of the definition. okay, sorry about my anti-aging rant. perhaps I protest too much!!!

the challenge - if you wish to participate with me - is such: I will exercise for at least 30 minutes for 30 days. starting today [yes, I walked 30 minutes tonight!] and ending on august 2nd. WHO IS WITH ME??? [oh, and there are rumours about starting hot yoga next week so I can get my ass kicked...let's see if I get up the nerve!!]

AND, tomorrow is weigh in day. LOVELY. last week, I was up 1.4. I'd better be down this week because this is driving me CRAZY!!!


susan said...


Can my challenge be to have 30 minute naps & only eat 30 pieces of chocolate a day?? Please?!

I'd be with you Cor if I could figure out this fatigue thing & find some motivation.

I did buy myself some B12 & read up on it a bit...interesting stuff.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

How did weight watchers go?? After plateauing for weeks, I finally went down 2.4 this!!! Thank goodness because it gave me the motivation to stick with it as I was so going to give up. Please tell me I'm not matronly or otherwise as I am closing in on the 50 mark in a hurry. Are you going to the hot yoga on Stony Plain Road? I know the girl that owns it so she had given me some free passes but unfortunately I have given them all away. She is an awesome person, I always loved Julie, our boys were in school together. If you ever want a partner for know where I live. We could catch up on life. Love your blogs. Kathy