Tuesday, July 21, 2009


okay, so yoga is tough. it's physically tough, but I have a hard, hard time with dizziness. it's getting better, since I am getting use to the ups and downs of the poses and with drinking more water. trying to smile more and not clenching my teeth totally helps. so yesterday night I tackeld "THE CAMEL". okay to look at this pose, it totally seems impossible [okay, in this picture it TOTALLY is!] but every time I go to to lean back on this pose, I totally get a huge head rush and it puts me in la-la land. well yesterday, I leaned back and grabbed my ankles and held on for dear life! and then I did it again today. yup. I rock. okay - just looking at this picture and I'm scared...do not be mis-led. I do not do this...yet!

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susan said...

You ROCK Cor!
(by the way...I bought the Starbucks Venti cup...loves it! I've taken more trips to the loo today than I have in the last week!!)