Sunday, July 19, 2009

a lovely little storm

so we had a bit of wind through here last night. LOL okay, enough wind to have us racing upstairs to shut all the windows when it felt like the house was going to come down around us. fortunately, the kids slept right through it. the only damage was to a tree in front, and it wasn't even bad damage...just a dislocated branch. there was a tree that got split in half on our street. literally. half of the tree is on the street!

I went to yoga this afternoon. HOLY FULL CLASSROOM, BATMAN! how many sweaty people can you fit into a room and NOT get someone else's sweat on you. yeah. LOL however, I had a great class - a great workout! I have discovered my key to breathing...I have to smile. I totally clench my teeth when I feel a bit funky. and I clench more when I am focusing on breathing. so, today I worked on NOT clenching! I smiled a bit. loose jaw, happy yoga practice.

off to put small children to bed...hopefully THAT is not the battle it has been known to be!

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