Monday, July 27, 2009

I am a dork

really. you all know it. I'm just stating the facts! as I type, there have been 10013 visitors to my lovely blog-o-rama! last week I had said that I was going to post a picture of some blog-candy. YEAH. like THAT happened. seriously, I just forgot. REGARDLESS, today is the day. there is no picture, but I will randomly choose someone from the comments left between today [it's 9:46 MST] and wednesday sometime [let's be random and say...9:46 MST???]. I would do it tomorrow, but I am out at the lake and will be forgetting in a mass of martini or margarita!

this is what the winner will receive: [I was contemplating this during yoga class tonight...] a handmade accordion album using all current SU! product. I will mail it to you and you can just SLAP in your pictures!!

there it is!

and in other random news...
I was up a pound at WW this week. DAMN my crazy hips. this is HARD, HARD work. I drove directly to yoga and sweated it all out [gross, I know!]. yesterday and today I have been fighting a feeling of defeat, although my head knows I am not a loser [am a loser? mmmm.] my heart is having a rough go of it.
so my word of the week is PERSEVERE. HOLD ON. KEEP GOING. DON'T GIVE IN. DON'T GIVE UP. KEEP REACHING. HOLD TIGHT. PERSEVERE. when I get into this space I typically cave. I eat junk and stop moving and gain back every last pound and more. not this time. I had a seriously great yoga class today and if anything, I am getting stronger. I AM STRONG. this whole weight thing will NOT beat me. so, here's the deal. whatever you are going through, just keep holding on with me. WE CAN DO IT!!! [no, don't start with the Bob the Builder chant!].

leave comments - otherwise Susan or Kathy will win by default!!


susan said...

Cor you are such a dork but that's why I love ya!

erika said...

there. now susan or kathy will not win by default!!! and btw, we can be dorks together. i'm ok with it.

Anonymous said...

Effort without tension my friend.

lyssa said...

I am sweating it out here without the yoga class! Good on ya for going to yoga and not to McDonalds! Perseverance is not easy, but it is rewarding. You can do it!