Saturday, June 10, 2006

9K today!

rae & I walked a great 9k loop today - from my house, down groat road, through government house park, over the river on the "under the LRT" bridge, up an AWFUL hill [which we will double next week], down emily murphy park road, over groat bridge, under groat bridge [lol] back through government house park, up groat road and home! PHEW! that and 1.5L of water so far...a good start to the weekend!

nate & ty are both sleeping...ty's been asleep since 11am...maybe I need to wake him up! nate & I went to lisa's discovery toys party this morning; nate really enjoyed playing in the backyard with all the toys!

and I stamped last night. I'll post some cards here. I am still feeling like I am in a big stamping slump, but hey, playing with my new dazzling diamonds was fun, fun, fun!!

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