Saturday, June 24, 2006

to the market we go!

well, it is summer today! rae & I walked 10.5k this morning - we doubled a steep hill out of the river valley - and it felt a LOT better than the last time we went! yeah us!

then nate & I went to the downtown market to find some onions...turns out, no onions. that's okay. we got peppers [red, green, yellow], tomatoes, cupcakes & low-fat cookies from the cookie lady! what a fun time. we ran into katherine, as well as my aunt & uncle. maybe nate and I will make this part of our saturday morning routine! I am planning to make some burgers for supper tonight, so the tomatoes will do well! but alas, no onion.

john & nate are going to the eskimo game tonight. it's a late start, but hopefully nate will nap a bit. I, on the other hand, am going to VSN as much as I can tonight! ['cause tomorrow is ALL about finishing my school work!]

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