Thursday, June 15, 2006


I'm sure I did something exceptional, but I'm not too sure what. I dealt with students fairly. talked with parents honestly. stayed after school just to hang out with the people I work with and really like and am going to REALLY miss next year when they go off to other schools. so, maybe not exceptional in my eyes, but hopefully exceptional in the eyes of someone else.

I have been feeling a rush of creativity lately. lots of things streaming all up in my head...almost overwhelming.

tomorrow is tres busy. shopping for ty's birthday, dan's birthday, father's day...lotsa stuffs! oh, and the dentist. grrr. feeling the itch. and a bit of a strange inspiration.

I was watching "so you think you can dance" last night and when I turned it on, there was a couple just starting their dance and I was SO blown away. they danced to a natasha bedingfield song that really got me thinking. and now I *need* the cd! I'll find the lyrics and post them!

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susan santos said...

I am curious what the song is because she has one I BLARE in the truck...when Seth isn't with me of course. Maybe I should post some of the lyrics on MY blog...hmmm. Looking forward to your lyrics...