Friday, June 09, 2006


I have an official funk going on. grrr. I hate the week of my period. I feel stressed, wonky, grumpy, uncreative. all funked up.

so, back to the 3 basics: eat less. move more. hydrate. I should make that 4 basics & add blogging. journaling my journey really makes me more retrospective and therefore keeps me on track.

so, here's me letting my stress go...
  • as of today, my job at MGG is safe
  • about 3/4 of my report cards are done - after this weekend they should all be done
  • although $ is always a stress, if we stick to the plan, we'll be okay
  • the dentist...okay, so it's not great, but I will go to the ortho, get all the gunk taken care of, pay the cash needed for that, live with the discomfort...
  • I will get through the next 3 weeks and enjoy the WHOLE summer with the boys

okay, so I'll stop now. the boys are sleeping, john is watching something on tv...and ty is so very close to walking more than 2 steps! maybe this weekend 'cause at this time next week I am going to be all weird and emotional about my baby's first birthday!

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