Tuesday, June 13, 2006

be exceptional.

this is my new goal. I feel like I am really suffering from a lot of negativity right now - part of that is stress, part is just time of year, part is just me being selfish and not wanting to actually do the work I need to do.

so I have done close to 2 sugar-free days. then tonight I went to starbucks to get john a piece of carrot cake. so I was talking to the girl about sugar-free caramel machiatto's and she was telling me how they can make it with sugar-free vanilla syrup, but how the caramel on top had sugar, yada, yada, yada. needless to say, I let myself be talked into a sugar-free soy caramel machiatto with the caramel on top - WHAT'S THE POINT??? exactly. so to make up for it, I also ate a low fat brownie. yeah, that makes sense! funny thing is, when I plugged it all into my food tracker, I came out okay for calories - who knew. so as of this moment, I am right back on track...even though I will have the withdrawal headache again tomorrow. my kids at school must just LOVE me when I have that withdrawal headache!

ironically though, I got the "The Way I See It #53" cup that I always get. it starts with: "be exceptional. make tremendous efforts to be extraordinary. what a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute your unique donation to humankind. just make sure you do so..." [shelby lynn]

this got me thinking. I need to change my outlook and maybe the best way to do that is to be exceptional in my words, thoughts and actions. do something exceptional for someone. and herein lies the challenge: what can you do that is exceptional? I'd be interested in knowing. so, if you are a regular reader of my deepest, darkest musings, post a comment and let me know what you have done today.

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susan santos said...

What did I do today that was exceptional?? Hmm...very good question. I probably gave about 100 grand worth of grant money to people who didn't deserve it!! AHH!! Focus...let's see...I got down on the floor & played with Seth after supper...not particularily exceptional to anyone but the 2 of us...it was really nice!
Good reminder Cor, of what is really important. I will try to remember to strive for something other than mediocrity.